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AUSTIN, Texas, Sept. 23, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Planet Wealth blew away Digital Assets and Securities industry leaders at the first annual DAAS conference with their revolutionary new platform that provides every citizen access to opportunities to create wealth.

Planet Wealth launches industry changing tech to industry leaders at the first annual DAAS conference.

Says Planet Wealth CEO Greg Sossaman, "Our capital access platform empowers people to share and leverage their social capital and financial resources for the good of the group. By bringing together ideas that can be collectively pursued by the community, Planet Wealth will propel investment and development right here in the US. I encourage everyone to participate in our future and help us grow together."

The excitement around the mission of Planet Wealth to offer an opportunity which will allow everyone, from large to small businesses and even individuals, to obtain access to capital is a game changer and the industry is taking note. 

Kyle Sonlin, CEO of Security Token Market, had this to say about Planet Wealth: "Planet Wealth is very well positioned for incredible growth, as they are the solution to serve the masses in creating, earning, growing, and investing capital. As we monitor over 170+ companies, with what the team has created, they have the opportunity to unleash the 60 million small business owners/entrepreneurs with access to capital of unheard-of proportions. This is set to become the next true disruptor."

Driven by the understanding that 59% of Americans are a single paycheck away from becoming homeless. Planet Wealth is on a mission to democratize wealth and offer the ability to convert social capital into wealth by putting Wall Street in the Cloud.   

About Planet Wealth:

Planet Wealth is democratizing access to America's investment system - taking it from Wall Street to Main Street. Planet Wealth aims to provide income and wealth building opportunities that empower strong income and return potential for the average player; to assist the masses in building financial networks worldwide which wield as much power as the pros, taking advantage of opportunity with their combined force. Planet Wealth intends to use its home-base of Memphis to help cities and Mayors from all over America follow Memphis' lead to empower themselves and their communities. Headquartered in Memphis, TN, the company launched on July 4th, 2021.

SOURCE Planet Wealth, Inc.

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