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AUSTIN, Texas, Sept. 28, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Second State has joined the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) as a silver member. CNCF accepted WasmEdge, an open-source WebAssembly Runtime created by Second State, as a sandbox project in April 2021.

Second State aims to make WebAssembly runtime the next-generation lightweight "container" for Cloud Native computing. WasmEdge is a popular WebAssembly runtime optimized for high-performance applications, especially for Edge Computing. With advanced AOT (Ahead of Time compiler) support, WasmEdge is already one of the fastest WebAssembly runtimes.

Compared with popular application containers like Docker, WebAssembly is fast and lightweight with improved security and portability. Today, WasmEdge is an alternative to application containers in Jamstack applications, serverless functions, SaaS embedded functions, automotive applications, smart factories, and edge network applications.

In addition to standard WebAssembly specs, WasmEdge supports open-source WebAssembly extensions that are important for cloud-native applications. Examples of such extensions include Tensorflow inferencekey-value store and network sockets. WasmEdge-based applications are now deployed on cloud platforms such as AWSTencent Cloud, VercelNetlifyLark by ByteDance, and Slack

"We are delighted to welcome Second State to CNCF as a new Silver Member, and look forward to their contributions towards enabling better support for WASM in the wider cloud-native community," said Chris Aniszczyk, CTO of the CNCF.

Cloud-Native WebAssembly

Besides the WasmEdge Runtime project, Second State is building runtime management, deployment, orchestration, and DevOps solutions in the WebAssembly ecosystem. For example, the crunw open source project bridges WasmEdge Runtime into the Kubernetes ecosystem. crunw embeds WasmEdge, and aims to enable K8s and Docker tools, such as CRI-O, KubeSphere, KubeEdge, OpenYurt, and SuperEdge, to seamlessly run, orchestrate, and manage WebAssembly "images".

Cloud-native microservices are often deployed as service meshes. Second State is working to integrate WasmEdge into popular open-source service mesh and distributed runtime projects such as Dapr, MOSN, Envoy, and Linkerd. WasmEdge could be an application runtime for sidecar-based microservices or a script runtime for API proxies. 

As a silver member of CNCF and maintainer of the WasmEdge project, Second State is well-positioned in the ecosystem to collaborate and commercialize WebAssembly technologies for the next generation cloud-native and edge computing applications. 

About Second State

Second State provides cloud-based services and professional support for the WasmEdge Runtime, a leading high-performance WebAssembly runtime for cloud-native, SaaS, edge, and blockchain applications.


Vivian Hu

SOURCE Second State

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