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DALLAS, Oct. 13, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Travel technology leader Internet Travel Solutions (ITS) is proud to announce a new travel partnership with Smart Meetings, the essential resource for the event evolution, to provide a seamless and effective booking experience for Smart Meetings' live events. 

Smart Meetings has an upcoming national live event in Palm Beach, Florida on October 17-19, where ITS will provide travel booking solutions for this event as well as all of the future Smart Meetings live events.  

"Smart Meetings has long proven themselves as a leading media company and one of the most trusted resources for meeting professionals. ITS respects and acknowledges their reputation in moving our industry forward and was eager for the opportunity to form a strategic partnership," said Renee McKenney, Vice President of ITS' TripEvents. McKenney joined ITS to develop and grow meetings and events business as next generation travel technology to choose, self-book, and manage events.

Smart Meetings is known for their elite corporate attendees, premier hotels and destinations. They have hosted seven in-person events for meeting professionals over this past year, as well as two more scheduled before year end. These live networking events have taken place all over the United States, from Fort Worth to San Diego to Boston.

"ITS is thrilled to partner with Smart Meetings to effectively assist their meeting professionals in a cost effective and safe way, as we bring back future live events to our industry," said McKenney.

The ITS booking engine connects travelers searching for flights with exclusive rates and fares and a simple user experience. Smart Meetings recognized the easiness of ITS' self-service booking capabilities and the additional effort to push trip information back into most major Event Registration software platforms. ITS provides the ideal travel experience, with high-touch customer service, making the journey along the way as enjoyable as the event itself.

About Smart Meetings

Smart Meetings is the leading media company and most trusted resource for meeting professionals. Their goal is to inspire their audience of meeting and event professionals to dream big—and create brilliant experiences that delight attendees, achieve desired results and elevate the impact of the meetings industry. Their team is passionate about connecting meeting planners with premier hotels and destinations, as well as offering dynamic, educational award-winning content and inspirational tools and resources for today's busy meeting planners. To learn more about Smart Meetings, visit

About ITS

Internet Travel Solutions, LLC (ITS) develops and maintains technology for the corporate, convention, cargo, passenger airline, crew accommodation, and event and meeting sectors. ITS solutions, products and services solve problems, create savings and provide long-term value through ease of use, valuable integration, and scalability for large and small clients. ITS also provides support services to help travelers throughout their journey, making each trip productive and meaningful. to learn more.

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