Studio X, powered by Shell, is a global innovation studio launching products that reimagine the future of work in energy exploration. (PRNewsfoto/Studio X)

Studio X, powered by Shell, is a global innovation studio launching products that reimagine the future of work in energy exploration. (PRNewsfoto/Studio X) Content Exchange

AUSTIN, Texas, Nov. 30, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Studio X, a global innovation studio reimagining the future of work in energy exploration, announced today the public launch of its latest agent-based modeling exploration and production tool, "Go with the Flow." 

The "Go with the Flow" tool is designed to allow users to quickly iterate and explore fluid movement models in the subsurface through a user-friendly interface. The tool was derived from a data science challenge on Xeek, a crowdsourcing platform founded by Studio X, which hosts competitions for data and geoscience experts to solve challenges in energy exploration.

Inspired by the Xeek data science challenge winners' submissions, the "Go with the Flow" model was enhanced and transformed into a product that is now available to the market in beta.

The tool allows users to upload seismic volume as a SEGY file, then select parameters for how they think fluids would behave kilometers below the surface of the Earth. In minutes, the tool displays a gif of how the agents accumulate within the seismic allowing geoscientists to imagine how fluids such as hydrocarbons, water and CO2 would migrate and be trapped in the subsurface.

"Agent-based models are being used in a wide array of applications from economics to self driving cars, but haven't been extensively used in the geosciences. They are an alternative to building data-rich and computationally expensive models of the subsurface," Nate Suurmeyer, Xeek Program Director at Studio X said, "For 'Go With the Flow' we built an agent that has some simple behaviors so that it can interact with the data. Then we release thousands of agents into real data. The resulting interaction creates complex results that mimic the real world."

In the market today, there are other tools that have similar functionality to "Go with the Flow", ranging from simple modeling tools to complex basin modeling software. However, a core differentiator for the "Go with the Flow" tool is ease of use and a future pay-per-use business model.

"The Go With The Flow tool is currently free for use while it is in beta. However, in the future, this tool as well as others built by Studio X will be accessible through a pay-per-use model, with no requirement for an upfront licensing fee and contract. This is a paradigm shift in the geoscience tools landscape," said Paul Genberg, Head of Product at Studio X.

For more information and to sign up for beta access, visit

Studio X launched in September 2020 with three products focused specifically on energy exploration and discovery: Xeek, XCover and SixLab. By offering software tools, on-demand work, prize-winning challenges, mentorship opportunities and more to energy innovators, we believe we can fuel big ideas, connect a distributed network of global experts with remote work opportunities and crowdsource bold solutions to make the ideas of today into the industry-leading tools for tomorrow. For more information visit


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