Several lanes of Interstate 14 at Indian Trail in Harker Heights have been closed due to a fatal accident, police said Wednesday afternoon.

According to the Harker Heights Police Department, a man was struck on the highway by a vehicle going west toward Killeen. No further details are available; however, drivers are cautioned to avoid the area, police said.

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An accident near Knight's Way in Harker Heights resulted in the death of a male pedestrian on Wednesday afternoon. | 254-501-7551


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It would have been nice to have had police at the intersection of the service road and Indian Trail to direct traffic. Having all lanes diverted to the service road, then having to wait for the light contributed to the extensive delay.


Someone dies and all you can do is complain about traffic? You got to go home that night. They didn't. Have some respect for the dead.

Wayne Jefferson

There is a overpass right there and this individual was too lazy to walk a little ways. It's a shame nowadays that people are to stupid to think. I remember when I waited a hour for them to clear a minor accident when they had four lanes before trimmer ln exit. The cost of fuel and wear and tear waiting for police to clear adds up plus being late for work is another.


Someone died and all you seem to care about is your car & fuel. People like you are what's wrong with the world right now. No sympathy. Just "Me. Me. Me. My inconvenience"! Shame on you Wayne Jefferson. This was no minor accident. A man was killed ny a car. Let that sink in.... Someone's son, husband, father, uncle, brother... he isn't coming home. You did go home, just a little later than usual. Touch grass and gain perspective.

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