The talent is here.

The wins? Not usually.

Ellison extended its losing streak to 25 games in a loss to Belton.

Waco Midway blew past Temple late.

Harker Heights ruined Killeen’s momentum, a week after it broke an 11-game losing streak to Copperas Cove. And while that is good for the Knights, who were winless, it does not help any KISD team make the playoffs. All it does is muddy the playoff race, which was already dirtier than anyone on “Duck Dynasty.”

Another week has gone by, and while players continue to shine here in Central Texas, the teams do not.

It’s a different story on the next levels.

Everyone across the nation already knows about Robert Griffin III and what he means to this area.

And even though he is out with a concussion, Belton’s David Ash has made a name for himself as the starting quarterback at the University of Texas.

Lache Seastrunk? The Baylor and Temple product might be the best running back in the nation, averaging more than 11 yards per carry this season. He led Baylor to a huge win over West Virginia on Saturday.

Then there are the stalwarts, the ones that started everything — Tommie Harris, Charles Tillman, Roy Miller. They all made it to the NFL. Harris and Tillman are, or were All-Pros.

And then there are those that are destined to make it the next level.

Copperas Cove quarterback Manny Harris shined the brightest, once again.

Harris completed 27 of 40 passes for 353 yards and seven touchdowns, while also rushing 14 times for 73 yards and the Bulldawgs’ lone rushing touchdown in the Dawgs’ 63-41 win over Shoemaker.

In half a season, Harris has already thrown for 1,844 yards and 22 touchdowns.

Harris is not just going to break Robert Griffin’s records.

He is going to obliterate them.

Harris only needs 163 yards to break the single-season record (2,007 set by RG3 in 2006) and he has five games and maybe a playoff game or two to do it.

By the end of the season, he might double it — 4,000 yards. It is possible.

But Harris is not alone in his dominance.

Killeen is just 1-4 after suffering the loss to Harker Heights on Friday.

But that is not Daniel McCants’ fault.

Last year, he set the single- season KISD rushing record.

This season might be even better.

He has rushed for 830 yards and 11 touchdowns. That is a 1,660-yard and 22-touchdown pace.

If he has another game like he did against Copperas Cove two weeks ago, he could break his own KISD rushing record.

And that has become the norm around Central Texas lately.

Records fall every week. Unfortunately, so do the local teams. KISD is a combined 4-16 halfway through the season, and one of those wins came against another KISD team — Harker Heights over Killeen.

Something has to give.

At some point these huge performances and huge talents need to win football games.

It is not on the players. They’ve done their part.

The talent is here.

And hopefully someday, the wins will be too.

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Mr. Talbot could you be any more condescending in your assessment of the local talent and specifically the KISD football programs?
We get it. You are on a personal mission to ensure that everyone on the planet knows that Mr. Harris from Cove is the next great coming of the QB of the future.
Of course he has to be because as Cove’s track record this year clearly shows, Cove can’t play defense or cover kickoffs. Cove is 3-2 and is averaging 52.8 points a game. Nice stats, but let’s look at the numbers a little closer (the job a real sports reporter should do).
Cove owns exactly ONE win against a 5A school. That’s the same number as Harker Heights and Killeen and one less than Shoemaker and only one more than Ellison (all from that pitiful KISD you write about).
In fact in games against just 5A teams the highly talented “loaded with playmakers” Bulldogs have AVERAGED giving up 43 points a game while going 1-2 and NO 5A opponent has failed to score at least 40 against Cove. That’s right NOT ONE 5A school has failed to score 40 points against Cove. How do the Bulldogs' spell defense….OLE!
You appear to have forgotten to mention the “local” Cove team as one of those failing to capitalize on “big-time stars”.
And while it is true that KISD teams are a combined 4-16, their losses have not come to “cupcakes” (I.e foreign country high school teams). Ten of those losses have come to 2013 5A playoff teams and one came from the DEFENDING Class 4A State Champion (and that one was in doubt until late in the 4th quarter).
Additionally each KISD has gotten better every week as the season has progressed. Your own paper admits (surprisingly) that Shoemaker was going toe-to-toe with the vaunted Bulldogs until an unfortunate punting error. Ellison probably has the best defense in the league outside of Midway and is getting closer each week to putting up a W. Heights has a just as good if not better offense as the Bulldogs and they have had only six weeks to learn the offense as opposed to the years of indoctrination that Harris and all those “playmakers” have had with Cove’s. Killeen is much more than just McCants even though they do feature him as the center piece of their offense.You might want to send a reporter over the 38th Street and actually see the talent the Roos have.
So before you give another back-handed compliment to the “talent” in KISD while disparaging their overall record, you better make sure to include your prized Bulldogs in that group. They are really the ones who are under achieving. The KISD schools are on the rise and if you would put down you Bulldog cowbell for a minute, you might actually be able to hear the train (KISD) coming down the track.
Midway will score 40-plus against Cove Friday night. Mark it down. It’s a lock. Cove can’t stop any 5A school from scoring at will. Midway at home against a the OLE Bulldog defense..... the scoreboard operator is liable to blow a fuse or two trying to keep track of how often the Panthers score. 54-28 Midway.

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