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I have pushed for wearing masks since the beginning. I was appalled that when our county ordered people to wear masks in public and businesses aren’t following the guidelines. I went to a local Sams Club today. They had already given up because people were mad!  I’m wearing a mask and I’m angry because others aren’t. Who says they win this debate? Businesses failed to follow through. They don’t care about the people following the rules.

Here is my idea:

If you or your family refuse to wear a mask, we take your name(s) and you don’t get to go to the hospital if you get sick. If family members get sick, you can only pick one that gets to be hospitalized!  

Yes, I am frustrated!!


I was also at Sam's Club and I also saw people not wearing masks inside the store. It made my blood boil seeing this because it is putting so many elderly people at risk of catching this disease!

Pissed off!!

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