To the Editor:

I see that Joe O’biden and his gang of incompetents, left-wing loonies, socialists and deviants want four more years to finish destroying our remaining American institutions and values.


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This biased, ignorant rhetoric is not a case of taking issue since this person is not saying anything but lies and name calling.

I can't believe KDHNEWS would print this trash based on a mentally ill POV.

If you've wondered why Texas has become the mass murder capital of the US, just read what a psychotic mouth breather spews being a computer.


I agree with everything the writer wrote " but here is the sad part, Biden can very well win again. Why? Most people simply do not vote based on logic and reason but on emotion. Whoever gets them stirred up enough will win the day and I already know the playbook the donkey party will use. We will see their usual base play of "such and such is a racist" or better yet "such and such is a fascist" and some new ones " Trans kids matter" and "Attacking our democracy" (America is Constitutional Republic you jack wagons) and we can't forget "Women's reproductive rights". Get ready because all of those "mantras" is all it will take for the clown show to continue.

Michael Fornino

Well stated.

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