It’s been a little over a week since U.S. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin announced the big news: Fort Hood would be changing its name to Fort Cavazos by Jan. 1, 2024.

The name change wasn’t a total surprise. Fort Cavazos was previously recommended by the Naming Commission, which Congress created to suggest new names or removal of names and symbols that commemorate Confederate figures. Eight other military bases whose names are connected to Confederate figures are also getting new identities. | 254-501-7543


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They can call it what they want ,.. but to Me I'll always call it FORT HOOD !!

Because that is what it is ! Just like I call Metroplex and NOT that Advent Health !

I came here when Metroplex Hospital was being built and to me it will always be

METROPLEX !! Same with FORT HOOD !!!!

Heights Teacher

Hood was a traitor. I agree with his name being stricken.


Dave, your opinion is ver well written, but I think most people are going to continue to think that changing the name of Hood is stupid....just another giant example of the liberal woke, cancel culture that Biden and his ilk have brought down on us across our country....If we are going to do this kind of stupidity, let's go ahead and do it completely....rename Austin, Houston, , Sam Houston State, Stephen F.Austin , on and on and on. Let's tear down the statues of Washington, Lincoln (who originally, in actuality wanted to send blacks back to Africa. ...If we are going to do this stupidity, let's do it right, completely..not just Confederate leaders... ..To me all this is and will be is a reminder of Biden and his gang of woke, ultra liberal individuals...

Wayne Jefferson

Why change a name that's been around for many years so to make people happy in the woke agenda. To give in to this idea leads us down a slippery slope. Then we can change everything to suit those liberals to erase history as we know it. Next they will figure out that very few minorities signed the constitution and cancel that document in order to make it equal to all parties. I don't believe in this idiotic behavior to suit equality. Are we going to change our country just to suit the needs of a few. Let's just open that can of worms and throw out history away. No borders or laws that might offend some group. They are already working on this and America as we know is doom. If someone doesn't like something then go find another country to live in instead of bringing yours here.

Noe Rodriguez

I had already given my opinion, but here it is again. I disagree with the name change. And if it does get changed in 2024, hope incoming president reverses the order to original name. Just like today's Biden reversal of many good policies that were in place before him.


Dave, do your research. Ft. Hood WAS the largest military installation in the country at one time but is no longer. It's neither the largest in population nor land area. I think it's 3rd on the list now....behind Bragg, JBLM, and Ft. Bliss (which leased another milliion+ acres in 2018, making it 4 times bigger than Hood in land area.)

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