Is Killeen’s expenditure of $100,000 a year on a firm to lobby the state Legislature a good investment of taxpayer money?

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Don't think Schluetter what that good of a state representative and I don't see how that would make him an effective lobbyist for the city. We can do better.


Mr Schlueter and his firm have done an amazing job for our city since 2002 and long before .

His experience and area history allows him incredible insight into our city and it’s needs.

I think your reference to how many police officers we could hire is ludicrous. We have plenty of officers and yet crime goes on in Killeen as every other city in America. More must not be the answer.

If we want to think about a better use of city dollars maybe we should look at organizations like the heart of Texas defense people …. We have poured millions into that group with zero returns unless you count their offshoot group that brought us a night at the museum.

Or maybe the economic development group who weren’t even at the table when Taylor gets a $17 billion $$$ chip factory or for that fact zero new jobs created by their efforts. Heck they can’t even get a grocery store in north killeen . Yet we continue to pour hundreds of thousands of dollars yearly into their failed efforts.

How many more businesses can you have if we don’t make them pay any property taxes for 75 years.. another grand economic move by a city that is too big to be small and too small in their thoughts and future development actions to ever be big. Yet we have the problem of small and big.

Killeen is broken in many areas yet we always look at low hanging fruit to beat our drums with.


Mr. Schlueter's firm is paid what he probably considers a nominal retaining fee for year-round lobbying services. Much of the reason for hiring his firm is to give the city access to his supposed "inside knowledge" of the workings of the state legislature. It seems like a poor investment when we already have (as mentioned in the editorial) our own state legislators whose duty it is to represent our interests and communicate with us regularly on issues that may impact our city. If they do a good job, we re-elect them. If not, we vote them out in favor of someone else. The city pays them nothing for their services. At this point the city would be better served by hiring two more police officers, and utilizing our existing legislative representatives as much as pissible.

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