It’s only natural to have a little friction between governmental entities and the media outlets that cover their meetings and operations.

The give-and-take between reporters and elected officials and administrators is just part of the game, and has been for decades. | 254-501-7543


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Wayne Jefferson

Yes they think they are special and deserve special rights and powers.they election is only good as the people ensuring the count is legal and is not rigged. Everyone has folks who want special favors for their vote. As a nation we need to stop these elitists now before we are a communist nation full of rules for us and for they

Wayne Jefferson

Yes they think they are special and


For the first time I actually agree with something in a KDH editorial. What nefarious activities is the Killeen council trying to hide from the press? There is a reason the city council wants their agenda hidden and it is not for the betterment of Killeen citizens. May elections give us an opportunity to remove some of the clowns from the council. We should take the opportunity to do just that


I agree.

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