To the Editor:

The governor of Texas has lifted the mask mandate for the state, and is opening all businesses to 100% capacity.

As I stood on my feet for 6-7 hours today, under the dome of the Bell County Expo, vaccinating cars full of people seeking help and hope, I felt and heard the incredulity of folks trying to understand the governor’s decision.

I can only volunteer two days a week. But I know this: I’m doing all I can to help people get vaccinated. And so are the tireless people who volunteer every day.

But these kindred souls are not really tireless. They are tired and they are weary. But they’re grateful and feel honored to be helping, because we are injecting hope right along with the vaccine.

So it’s more than disheartening that while we’re working as fast as we can to vaccinate Texans, the governor capriciously decides to wipe out mitigation efforts that have been saving lives. No more mask mandates. No more reduced capacities for restaurants. To me, and to many of the other volunteers with whom I’ve worked shoulder to shoulder, it feels like a slap in the face.

I won’t try to guess the governor’s motivation. But we do know that it’s not science-based.

We will continue to vaccinate, wear our masks, and encourage other Texans to do the same.

I hope the majority of Texans realize how important masks are in reducing the spread of the virus — and that means more lives saved.

Terry Lee Knight, RN


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Wayne Jefferson

The whole covid pandemic does not follow science. First two weeks to flatten the then masks and social now two masks or more. Then unsafe vaccines. Now they want the rest of the year..more laughter. Funny how no flu cases in the last year. Hmm. If you don't feel safe wear three masks or stay home. Yes there are deaths but labeling automobile deaths as covid related. No science there either..


Exactly!!! Wayne. And the idiots will say there is no flu because everyone is wearing their mask but will also say CCP Virus is out of control because no body is wearing their mask. SO which is it ?

I went to a funeral in Nov in Mclennan County a supposedly CCP Flu hot spot, did not wear a face diaper, neither did half the other attendees. Came back to Bell County, did not get sick and none of the other attendees got sick either. One of my cousins is a respiratory therapist she was at the funeral no mask. My husbands brother has worn is mask faithfully and will only go to places that require mask and won't allow anyone around him without a mask, guess what he got the rona virus. He was never around an unmasked person because most of the time he is at home.My grandsons go to the government indoctrination center known as KISD and have to wear the face diapers all day long. They get headaches, and rashes around their mouths.


Q. Did you take the Covid vaccine?

A: Yes.

Q. Do you know that you can still get Covid?

A. Yes.

Q. Do you know that you can still spread Covid to others?

A. Yes.

Q. So you know that you still have to wear a mask (or two!) and social distance?

A. Yes.

Q. Then why did you take the vaccine?

A. [Silence]

Q. Did you take the vaccine because you knowingly wanted to modify your DNA?

A. I did not know that. I did not read up on the vaccine before I took it. Does it really do that???

Moral of the Story: When you are given the right to choose, educate yourself so that you can choose wisely.

ALL choices have consequences

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