To the Editor:

ERCOT’s file purpose: “We serve the public by ensuring a reliable Grid, efficient electricity markets, open access and retail choice.”

The salaries of the top four ERCOT officers exceed $2 million. Five of the board members did not even live in Texas. They obviously failed in their purpose to ensure a reliable Grid.

On Feb. 9, the ERCOT board met for 2 hours and 28 minutes and devoted a whole 40 seconds to the horrific impending killer freeze. Tax filings show that multiple board members making five- to six-figure salaries were working only five to 15 hours per week.

According to new legislation, some companies do not have to even start upgrades until 2022 — just in time for another potential freezing storm. While new legislation offers loans to the companies to help pay for the upgrades, the citizens, many who lost jobs and loved ones during the pandemic, get to pay larger utility bills.

How are the Republicans going to fix this incompetence? They are going to give more seats to political appointees and require board members to actually live in Texas.

If you want the same old same old, keep voting for your uncaring, feckless Republican governor and Legislature.

Randy Broussard


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And if you want more promotion of perversion, more restrictions on the bill of rights, more insane social policies, more crime, more voter fraud, more taxes vote for democrats. Our governor has not failed.

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