To the Editor:

Architect of the acclaimed Abraham Accords, Jared Kushner is receiving questionable criticism for contending in a March 14 op-ed that the Palestinian-Israeli conflict is essentially a “real estate dispute.” Kushner is correct. But since the Balfour Declaration of 1917, the issue has always been the lousy deals that realtors like Kushner and his father-in-law, former President Donald Trump, have offered the Palestinians, who (it must be emphasized) are the native, indigenous people of the Holy Land.

President Trump promised to deliver the “Deal of the Century” to them but ended up carving up their homeland into disjointed bantustans in his administration’s proposal. Unsurprisingly, the Palestinians rejected it as biased and unworkable. A truly equitable deal would end this territorial dispute and allow our country to have a normal relationship with both Palestinians and Israelis.

George Aldridge


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