To the Editor:

As in past years, there will be many solemn speeches in and around Fort Hood this Veterans Day commemorating those in uniform who lost their lives defending our country. But hopefully there will be also reflection about the questionable conflicts we’ve gotten sucked into since the Korean War.


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Wayne Jefferson

We have put our noses in many wars around the globe to try and affect the outcome many times. The world is wanting us gone to prevent more meddling. Our supposedly leaders need to stop these operations before we jumped by many nations. We should let conflicts alone. Saving Ukraine is not worth losing America. Putin will not allow his country to lose a war without using nuclear weapons. Russians have been prepared for this to happen for decades. They have more bomb shelters and food supplies and how many shelters do we have. Where will we go when the bombs start falling.look around and seek a shelter in your area to accommodate your city. There are very few of them except for the elitists and military personne. So why they wage war everywhere you are expendable. They are expecting this and are planning on this. Less people and more resources for them. They are stockpiling massive amounts of food in underground bases all over the country. In a attack they will be eating steak while you and I and our families will die a horrible death from starvation and disease. Don't believe me seek underground bunkers on utube. When the time comes those places will lock us out. We must reverse this war from our responsibility asap.. America first and last.


Time for some hard truth:

Elites stand to make billions if the US goes to war. It's your dollars they're spending. And it won't be their families doing the fighting.

Follow the money

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