Belton reader says council displays racism with handling of park issue

To The Editor:

The Belton City Council meeting (7/14) was an eye-opener for me.

While the opposition of keeping the Confederate Park name spoke, most Caucasians in the room were rude and disruptive. None of the Belton City Council members tried to stop it. The opposition never interrupted the disruptors when they spoke.

I can only conclude that the Belton City Council has one goal, and that is to hold on to their power.

When I read Mayor Marion Grayson’s inciting words, “I think the council — the six white men and the one white woman — don’t want to really be the only ones who make that decision ... (FME 7/15),” it is one proof that they are unable to represent Belton equally. They can only speak for Caucasians.

I am not also not fooled by Councilman David Leigh’s claims of being a Confederate’s grandson at the same time claiming — during the 2014 street renaming to MLK — that his white grandfather was almost lynched. That comment was to appeal to minorities. I’d personally like to see documented proof of the almost-lynching.

I am willing to wager that we will not see the Confederate Park renamed after a Black citizen because the career-council members don’t want to lose voters. It’s all about holding a certain kind of power that allows them to control the money.

That’s one reason they do not want to talk about single-member districts in Belton. How ironic that every time they want more money, they tout how Belton’s population is growing, but when the subject of single districts is mentioned, they say Belton is too small.

Belton will continue to be viewed as racist with a non-diverse council. They know single-member districts in Belton would stop them from personally profiting from office and remove power from their hands.

Joe Trevino Jr.


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