To The Editor:

I couldn’t help noticing a Belton cop arrested a Temple 25 year-veteran cop for DWI.

Interim Chief Jim Tobin said, “The officer will be held accountable to the standards and policies of the Temple Police Department.”

I guess I can expect that to mean, ‘The Ol’ Boy” standard that is a different standard from the common citizen.

We can see that in the Michael Dean case. What an injustice.

The “Good Ol’ Boys” in Belton are thriving, too.

I noticed that the new council candidate to step up was employed by City Councilman David K Leigh.

I guess that makes what, five Main Street First Baptist Church members as City Council members to appoint more of their members onto committees, boards and commissions?

You know something is fishy when the City Council paves the way to move their church around the corner, next to their sister university.

Now there will be lots of rooms between the two organizations to talk city business over Sunday brunch. Try to remember. Think hard if that has ever happened before.

You will never see a minority or South Belton citizen sit at the same city-council-counter with Belton’s “Good Ol’ Boy” city council. They’ll make sure that nonsense will not happen.

Joe Trevino Jr.


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