To the Editor:

Although smeared by rightwing attorney Alan Dershowitz on May 14 as a “self-hating Jew,” no other American has more “souk cred” with Arab Americans and Arabs, particularly Palestinians, than Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders.

Given Senator Sanders’ standing among Middle Easterners, President Biden ought to appoint him as our Middle East envoy. Seen as an impartial and fair-minded person, Sanders could negotiate a plausible Israeli-Palestinian settlement and might even be able to help Syrians and Iraqis resolve their sectarian differences. Such is his popularity. Not only would his intercessions benefit Arabs and Jews, they would remove the justifications for our open-ended military deployments and the billions of foreign security assistance we expend annually in the region ostensibly to keep the peace.

George Aldridge


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I'm sure that the Palestinians and Arab nations would love to see the ultra left wing, liberal, socialist Sanders "negotiate" in the Middle East. Being sent by Biden would be par for the course. I feel certain Israel does not have very much faith in all.. ........and .Israel, I"m sure, sees Sanders for who and what he is. I doubt very seriously if they would ever take anything Sanders would suggest seriously, I would hope not.


I cannot think of a single thing this socialist curmudgeon except spew venomous socialist propaganda against our country

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