To The Editor:

Isn’t it interesting how the Belton City Council has gotten itself into a pickle by being unfair?

Webster’s dictionary defines “double standard” as a set of principles that applies differently and usually more rigorously to one group of people than to another.

For example, Belton Councilman Craig Pearson’s latest attempt to justify the council’s delaying tactics, in reference to the naming of a Martin Luther King Jr. street, is obviously a desperate attempt to convince us the council is fair.

On Jan. 3 (YNN), Craig states, “It’s a sincere effort on the part of selfless folks and dedicated staff to get the process right, to let the people’s desires be heard.”

The “double standard” here is “…to let the people’s desires be heard.”

That certainly wasn’t the belief when the council helped the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor plop its $50 million, 10,000-seat football stadium in the front yards of their neighbors.

Did the council poll 70 percent of the homeowners affected to “let the people’s desires be heard”?

Then, on Feb. 2 (Temple Daily Telegram) city spokesman Paul Romer attempts to echo the new message “the people’s desires” and FINALLY, after one year, admits that the streets around UMHB (University Drive & Crusader Way) were renamed by the council — with no commission, policies or rules as the black community now has to follow.

Joe Trevino Jr.


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Dr Strangelove

Well Hacksaw, looks like you only want to recognize Texas white history I don’t see any Hispanic or Black names on your list they’re a part of Texas too. BTW all the people you listed what do they have to do with Texas? I can understand Fort Hood named after John Bell Hood a CSA General from Texas. Also all the people on your list I consider traitors of the United States including Hood. Let’s get real the Civil War was not about States Rights the underlying issue was slavery so for being off topic.


Well I think we also need Jefferson Davis Lane.
Robert E. Lee Avenue
and Stonewall Jackson Drive
In the interest of fairness let's recognize the history and heritage of Texas and those who built this state instead of those who merely want to be stylish.


LOL Stay on em Joe!!! Don't cut em any slack buddy!!! I like the new stadium though.

Dr Strangelove

Well Joe it looks like the black community in Belton will have to cough up 50 million bucks to get that name change. I don’t live in Belton but work there and yes there is a double standard—if it was up to me I’d back up my truck to that disgraceful statue at the Courthouse dedicated to our [theirs] CSA hero’s [traitors] and pull it down. I’m not black but even I’m discussed by that thing—yes as you can guess I wasn’t born here.

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