Bond steering committee member has misgivings about final product

To the Editor:

The KISD board chair finally admitted what has been known for too long. The bond steering committee, or BSC, despite repeated proclamations from the superintendent to the public and this paper, was not deciding the bond priorities, size and approval.

Mr. Corbett Lawler announced in the board meeting prior to its $265M vote, that the purpose of the BSC was not to develop the contents and size of the bond but to instead be a public “gauge of approval” for what KISD brought forth.

At this same meeting, Mr. Brett Williams said he understood the frustrations of those who felt like there was insufficient dialogue and input; he said future committees should be called “bond education committees” as he said this better represents its real purpose to bring KISD priorities back to the members’ communities.

The board chair had four months to demonstrate leadership and tell the truth about the BSC but instead chose to remain silent.

It is not a profile in courage moment to make these statements only when the deal was sealed and moments before voting.

Better would have been to correct the superintendent the first time he made public comments that now turn out to have been misleading at best. The cake was baked for a mega-bond from meeting #1. Actually, it was a done deal before the BSC ever met.

I hope the public knows that a “No” vote on this bond is a “Yes” vote for fiscal sanity and a demand for a better bond.

Don’t be misled again by the same people who are going to try to say this a vote against the kids and their safety.

If it was, the same people I write of here would have addressed the problem instead of squandering the 2018 bond on un-approved projects unrelated to school safety.

Vote NO! Demand a better bond.

Howard “Scot” Arey

Harker Heights

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