To the Editor:

Dr. John Craft’s and Trustee Corbett Lawler’s concern for disobeying Gov. Abbott’s order was instrumental in the Killeen school board’s decision to not have a face covering requirement.

This argument doesn’t take into consideration that the benefits of wearing a mask outweigh the risk.

The Fort Hood leadership understand this, as do the other Texas school districts that have imposed face covering requirements in defiance of the governor’s order.

I echo what the Killeen NAACP President TaNeika Driver stated at the last board meeting, “One death is too many!”

The board’s lack of action doesn’t place human life as a high priority, and it appears to be influenced by the tsunami-like Republican ideology.

In the Aug. 25 edition of the Killeen Daily Herald. Dr. Craft said violating the mandate could cost the district up to $1,000 a day.

Board member Corbett Lawler said the board would be hypocritical if they go against the order and he said they would be bad role models.

Regarding being a role model, the many questionable decisions for some district employees’ misconduct and the absence of initiatives to create representation within the administration and the 53 Campus Leadership Teams doesn’t align with being a role model.

Their responses are problematic because they do not place a high value on human life and place a higher priority on being obedient to the governor’s order and ideology that is antithetical to the principles of liberty and justice.

Our school district needs leaders that value principles and courage and have the capacity to navigate the racial and political polarized landscape to develop relationships across these spectrums and make decisions that place the highest priority on health and safety.

Trustee Brett Williams demonstrated courage in making a motion for face covering.

What happened next is why our community deserves better.

Philemon Brown

Leon Burch

Community Hands of Texas

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CDC: Schools With Mask Mandates Didn’t See Statistically Significant Different Rates of COVID Transmission From Schools With Optional Policies



The comments communicated in this letter would, to many seem sincere. The truth is, they may very well be sincere. My only concern with these "sincere" words is whether they are sincere to all humanity or to an agenda. Knowing that studies have already been done regarding masks and their overall effectiveness, the potential physiological and psychological dangers and the "forcing" of their usage despite scientifically proven data about them, it appears disingenuine to still that Americans be mandated to wear them.

You stated that "The Fort Hood leadership understand this." This was a very misleading statement due to the fact that "Fort Hood leadership" has no opinion or choice in the matter. The mandate was enforced by their commander and chief. You then echoed the sentiments of the NAACP president's statement “One death is too many!”

In hope, her statement is true, but in reality, it is unfortunately not the way life works. It has turned into a statement that is used more out of insincerity than true sincerity. It is a statement that is used as one of manipulation. Even by members of the NAACP on all levels. The facts that we must all remember is how many people, who willingly wore masks during the initial pandemic died regardless. If one death is too many from not wearing a mask, how many is too much for those who do?

Your criticism with the school board is also misplaced. You cannot criticize a body refusing to disobey a lawful order and not criticize yourself for having been, and still being willing to violate laws that may not fit your "opinion." If I may ask, what are your thoughts about marijuana being legal in states despite it being illegal on the federal level? What are your thoughts on Sanctuary cities violating federal laws?

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