To the Editor:

Copperas Cove residents are facing two big challenges.

The Fathom debacle continues. We moved here two years ago, had lived all over the country, and, as usual, went to the water department to start service.

I was told that couldn’t be done there and was handed a small paper circle with a phone number.

Three days later, I managed to get through. So confused by this experience, I wrote to then-Mayor Seffrood. To his credit, he called me and expressed surprise that the process was so cumbersome. I was surprised he didn’t know.

I learned that it was a contract that renewed annually with little or now review. But this time, articles were also appearing in the paper about serious billing discrepancies, although we were not affected. The mess continues, but it appears that establishing water service face to face is coming back.

The next challenge is the “beautification” of Business Highway 190.

The current road with a with a middle turn lane is ideal and benefits all merchants. Access is critical to not only the chains that have name recognition and sizable advertising budgets, but for the locals who serve so many residents.

This is being funded by a lot of state funds and a sizable check from Keep Copperas Cove Beautiful. The highway is utilitarian but will never be beautiful. Almost half a million dollars would make a real difference, with more parks and an effort to encourage the city to tear down dilapidated structures.

My last comment is not local but should be a priority for all Americans.

The First Amendment is a priceless gift, as it ensures both the right to one’s opinion and the right to object. Kudos to the KDH for the op-ed page that regularly runs the gamut. You do a very good job, giving space to readers, including those whose ox has been gored — including me.

Carole Arnold

Copperas Cove

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