To the Editor:

In the June 8 KDH, there was discussion regarding the fact that few schools in Texas have opted into the School Marshal program for armed school staff. What was not discussed was the state allowed School Safety Training also know as the Guardian Program This option is probably used by many more schools than the Marshal Program for a variety of reasons.

The Marshal Program provides certification to enable school personnel to act as armed security personnel in the absence of a law enforcement officer.

The Safety/Guardian Program allows staff the option to be armed for self defense until law enforcement arrives. The Marshal Program is 80 hours of training primarily classroom and only requires the staff member to qualify at the basic level of a regular License To Carry individual. Emphasis is on law, arrest procedures and security.

The Safety/Guardian Program is only 16 hours of training, but emphasis is on securing classrooms and students and stopping an active shooter.

The shooting qualification requires a level of expertise equal to a License To Carry instructor.

The Marshal Program is a “one size fits all” program that must be taught at a police academy,whereas the Safety/Guardian Program is customizable to the individual school and may be taught by any state certified school safety Instructor.

If a school does not have an actual school resource officer, the Safety/Guardian Program is a very good alternative and I believe that many more schools have implemented this program vs. the Marshal Program.

William Nance

Copperas Cove


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Wayne Jefferson

As I see it when a active shooter presents itself we have two choices. Wait for the police or handle the problem head on. The police could be minutes away and could cost valuable lives. They can't be everywhere at once so I believe armed reasources trained will provide some deterrent to the situation. The coward knows the police are on their way so his time is limited. Only when they are being shot at do they fear for their lives. This is much better than the wait scenario where he is able to do his dirty deeds.

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