To the Editor:

If YouTube would not compensate independent journalists who record the police, which is really a euphemism for badgering citizens and especially law enforcement to provoke reactions, which makes more views on their channel, resulting in higher payouts, then recording the police would not be so prevalent as it is.

I believe in lawful photography, but the moment the “journalist” involves themselves, in the police activity this causes the police to divert their attention, putting them and the person detained at risk. I am disappointed that the Killeen City Council member demanded an inquiry regarding the arrest of this individual who would not reveal his name to the press. What is he hiding?

Do the police not have a tough enough job that a city council member demands an investigation into his arrest? No one objects to police recording if done at an appropriate distance and a respectful demeanor, but a large majority of these First Amendment auditors are not respectful. To the contrary, they interject themselves in the police activity and do what they can to provoke a response to fund their YouTube clicks.

Larry Letzer

Copperas Cove

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Some people, just like kids, crave the attention they feel like they are lacking in their lives, ..trying to get it one way or the other. Spending as much time as this guy does playing "gotcha" with the police is a great example of this ...If this guy wants to spend a big part of his life going around videoing the police, he needs to make sure he stays out of police procedures,unless he knows that what he does will have consequences...I wonder if he has a family or kids he could be spending time with, ...maybe videoing them?


Larry, Larry, Larry…what the video First Amendment Accountability Auditor is protecting his privacy!

Once your name is on the public stage, strange people try to take advantage of the situation. In some cases, death threats, crank telephone calls in the middle of the night, attempts to harm family members, and other sorts of things too many to mention. You comment that auditors are not respectful and provoke the police. Your words attempt to paint a harmful picture with a very wide brush. In this case, when Killeen Police Officers fail to follow proper training, allow their ego to be on the forefront of interactions with the public, and arrest a person on trumped up charges… it is correct for the Killeen City Council and Killeen Police Department to investigate this matter.

Larry, if you are discouraged by someone trying to protect their personal privacy, please reply to this post and share your full name, date of birth, home street address, and social security number. These are some of the common questions that police officers ask the general public to share. Don’t worry, the readers will not disrespect your information.


YouTube does have ways to earn money.

Content is the correct wording for getting video that draws views.

1st amendment auditing is not just done on police. Auditing is done on any government place and many YouTubers audit many different buildings, to include the fbi.

Why would anyone want to take citizens rights away?

Why would any citizen want to trade freedom for some fictional version of safety.

It is sad that people will want to take freedom from another citizen because of their political views, or because something doesn’t fit their political or personal agenda.

If you don’t want to do auditing than don’t, that is your right. Just like if you don’t want to wear a mask that is your right.

Freedom is what makes America, you keep chipping away at freedom and soon we will be no different than North Korea and other communist countries.

Good officers are hard to find, it doesn’t mean we have to turn a blind eye to bad cops.

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