To the Editor:

So, the Democrats managed to derail the Republicans’ Senate Bill 7 which insured “the integrity of our elections” (said Gov. Grett Abbott).

For years and for many hours I have worked as an election clerk and have never seen even a hint of any of those problems Senate Bill 7 purports to “fix.”

If the Republicans are so sure these problems exist, then they need to bring forth — before the special session — proof of all the election-stealing skullduggery by Democrats which compromises our elections.

Otherwise, I just have to assume that 1.) these are just solutions looking for a problem; and 2.) Senate Bill 7 is just an attempt to suppress voter participation to allow Republicans to choose their voters and overturn an election to get their way.

Until verifiable evidence of voter fraud is made public, we can assume the claim of voter fraud is fake.

Ben Liles


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Mexico requires voter ID shouldn't the USA!!


I know several families that received multiple mail-in ballots in the last election, but no chance of election fraud or irregularities, correct?..A candidate like Joe Biden gets more votes than any Presidential candidate in our history, including the Democrats darling, Barack Obama, but no chance of voting fraud... Really?.....What is so wrong with voters showing their picture IDs to be able to vote? Americans have to show IDs for multiple things in our society today...why not voting?...and....Just how would this be considered racist? Sad and very flawed reasoning by the Democrats...


PANIC!!! This person thinks just because he is election worker, he should be trusted. That is hilarious. If the creepy pedo joe really had a victory why not PROVE it. Why fight the audits and hire attorneys.

EVERY State Should Be Audited – In California 3,000 Votes Were Recorded from an Empty Dorm Building

One of the individuals caught on tape late on election night in Fulton County, Georgia, Wandrea Shaye Moss, has been subpoenaed for a deposition in a civil trial in Fulton County.

Who can forget Ruby, Ralph, and Ruby’s daughter Wandrea Shaye?

After removing everyone from the State Farm Arena on 2020 Election night and sending them home, these three individuals and a couple of others pulled out ballots hidden under the table and began jamming them into the vote tabulation machines. The election workers were filmed shoving stacks of ballots through the machines two and three times each.

Audio PROOF: Georgia Election Official Ralph Jones, Sr. Announced on Nov. 3rd Evening that Counting would Stop at 11 PM — Then Led Team to Count Stashed ‘Suitcase” Ballots

Democrats hate Voter ID because Voter ID makes it harder for them to cheat.

UN, US, Facebook and Smartmatic Executives Conspired Together Before the 2020 Election and Many of Same Officials Now Trying to Stop or Derail 2020 Election Audits Taking Place


Voter fraud is rampant in this state and has been for years.


Very true statement. It is well known across the country. Texas has repeatedly tried to fix it and sadly it never makes it pass.

Whenever we Texas has a chance to fix it, it gets weighted down.

One would think both sides would want to work on fixing the problems. Btw am I the only one that hands my dl and voter registration to the poll workers? It never fails when I go in it seems as if they can't find me or the new poll worker has no clue what they are doing?

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