To the Editor:

Yes, I do live in Arizona. However, my husband retired at his 20-year mark at Fort Hood and I was a civilian employee as well while we lived in Killeen for five years.

I am imploring that the renaming of Fort Hood is not even be considered or the renaming of other Army posts that have been named.

These Army posts were named after these generals for a reason. They were well known at that time and there was a reason the posts were named for them.

We cannot change history. Things have happened whether all people liked it or no one liked it.

Changing names of posts or changing names of places that some people don’t happen to like will not change history. It is over and we can only go forward from here.

I hope that the name changes never happen. It will be a sad day in these United States to dishonor these military men — no matter which side they fought for.

Lora Eckels

Surprise, Arizona

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Reading up on Sergeant Benavidez that is someone to honor and I salute him. Yes, that is a wonderful idea. And it seems there is an effort for this to be done.


If you are to rename? Then ADD MSG ROY BENAVIDES to make it Ft Hood/Ft Benavides


I was stationed at Fort Hood during the Vietnam war. I did not know or think about at that time how Fort Hood got it’s name. I have a feeling had I’d known I would have been confused. I don’t know. To me this is a mixed legacy of the tragedy we inherit in our history. We must move on to be sure but let us do it leaving sentiments such as follows behind as a lesson as to why renaming these forts such as Fort Hood needs to be done. When we do that we must forgive ourselves for the pain that is ours alone, as a nation. The sentiment I speak of follows.

From wikipedia: In a letter that Confederate John Bell Hood wrote to Northern General Sherman on September 12, 1864, Hood described his conviction that "negroes" were an inferior race: "You came into our country with your Army, avowedly for the purpose of subjugating free white men, women, and children, and not only intend to rule over them, but you make negroes your allies, and desire to place over us an inferior race, which we have raised from barbarism to its present position, which is the highest ever attained by that race, in any country in all time."


How about Ft Hood/Ft Benavides

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