To the Editor:

To the Editor:


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Wayne Jefferson

Well when the council acts like socialists instead of American leaders then no one would be in danger except those who want to control the agenda. Do you actually think banning guns is a good way to be safe unless you ban them from their cars. Duh. Mr Forino has a right to be heard with out your anti agenda interference. Instead you should keep members in line like adults..

Michael Fornino

I'd say that Wilkerson's hard-coded defaults that made HIM...CHOOSE to act as he did, pretty much justifies the 2nd Amendment. Protects me, quite literally, from a government that wants to harm me without legal justification.

Oh...what everyone missed was Nash-King in the midst of losing control of the meeting and her Mayor Pro Tem is - SHE while physically restraining Wilkerson said, "Kinnn...Mayor Pro Temmm...he has a weapon". My deadpan reply was more of a "so what?".

You'll note the legally-armed citizen was in full control of his faculties and did everything to display lack of kinetic intent - despite this not being the first time he has attempted such a thing.

My hand never even so much as revealed, let alone touched my weapon...but you go ahead, and keep on painting Wilkerson as the "hero".

What we learned: All of my assertions, and many others' suspicions about Wilkerson, were proven true. He can't hide that anymore. Even his own statement about the tragedy he was in command of mismatched with what the Army report stated.

...and NO, wearing the uniform does not make you immune to examination or criticism. If my military service is taken into consideration for a job offer or application, his failures - which he has struggled to hide until now - are certainly open to examination.


Glad she’s no longer a council woman. People like her who fear law abiding citizens rights to bear arms have no place in government. She should enjoy her time living in fear instead of trying to disarm someone.


Fleming is a far left radical activist who also promotes marijuana abuse, She is a typical totalitarian politician who is fearful of guns in the hands of law abiding citizens. We must be alert to keep people like her out of public office


Fleming is a far left radical activist who is also a marijuana abuse advocate. Typical liberal politician who is fearful of firearms in the hands of law abiding citizens

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