Rob Robinson

Rob Robinson

To the Editor:

Harker Heights is known for its quality of life, quality of place, and is the go-to place to live in this area. That reputation has been justifiably earned over the years, and the former and current elected city officials understood, and understand that.

There has recently been a spate of negative, slanted, uninformed rants regarding the fiscal management of Harker Heights.

The perpetrators demonstrate either ignorance, or deliberate misunderstanding of the responsibility of our city government to prudently manage financial matters, look to the future, prepare for unforeseen events, all for the purpose of taking care of our citizens now, and in the future.

People who refuse to allow facts in the place of uninformed beliefs, or set up straw men to attack, are doing a disservice to our citizens and their future. There is a “cost of doing business,” and Harker Heights manages that cost prudently for the benefits of its citizens.


R.R. Robinson III

Mayor, Harker Heights, 2014-2017

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