To the Editor:

Last week, the (Opinion) editor of this paper in essence called me a sore loser for submitting a lawsuit disputing the results of the Killeen City Council election. My response is that the fact Bell County elections office can’t provide voter tally information that is consistent and adds up is proof-positive that this lawsuit was necessary not just for my own election but to understand that we have to make improvements in our vote count processes.

To this day, Bell County Elections still cannot provide a list of voters which equals the numbers of votes counted. The list of voters, provided by Bell County Elections to me on May 17 totals 17,983. The problem with that is that Bell County said there were 19,670 votes cast. But then it later said there were 19,708 votes in its official election reconciliation sheet. Also concerning is that the final number of mail-in ballots totals 3,045, but only 1,731 were recorded as voters on the Reconciliation sheet that shows 19,724 voters before the rejected mail and 16 provisional ballots and 19,708 counted … except that math is incorrect and that should add to 19,282.

In Killeen specifically, the canvassed ballots (the number of ballots counted) is 398 ballots more than the number of voters that the County said voted. (4,072 counted ballots and 3,674 voters).

This should not be this hard to count who cast a vote. But it has been this hard and instead of me collecting simple summary sheets of consistent data, I have opened a can of worms that needs to be resolved so that every voter in Bell County has absolute faith and confidence that proper, legal votes were cast, then counted in a way that adds up each and every time. Yes — we do have a training problem it seems and we should all hope that is the only reason for the tally discrepancies.

I admit that when I started this process it was about my election and my belief that several small issues could have caused a different outcome. I love Killeen and serving our citizens in an official capacity and being able to speak on behalf of our residents. I have no ill feelings about Mr. Alvarez. At this point, we are both caught up in something bigger than us.

I would love to finish the analysis and have the results show that everything is correct and proper. If that happens, I will drop the contest and congratulate Mr. Alvarez personally and publicly. Unfortunately that is not the case based on evidence I currently have. This is no longer just about the Killeen City Council election. This is now about making sure all of our elections are run in a fair and proper manner. It might mean training, a new vendor for the County, or other changes. We ALL deserve to know our votes are counting the way we cast them and that we have safeguards to protect our election. That is why I can’t stop now.

Regardless, I am still here to support our community and speak for those without a platform to be heard.

Mellisa Brown



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Wayne Jefferson

Yes and Joe Biden is flooding this country with illegals and all red states to sway the mid terms and keep themselves in power. We can't take years or more abuse by this traitor. He swore to the oath to protect the constitution..impeach her and the slave trader now


After 2000 mules, anyone thinking the US(this includes city council and local government) isn't a banana republic is living in a fantasy world.

Wayne Jefferson

I for one like the idea of election accountability to be sure each vote is counted. This goes from city council to the president of the United States. Seems the 2020 election was a mix of the same recipe. Anyone for it will just say get used to it but if you disagree and have questions then you are told you lost don't be a pain. I personally think the city of Killeen is dirty and the crooked candidates want to keep doing the things that keep their power in check over it's citizens. High property taxes and added taxes to bills is ridiculous. How can property go up in value because the tax man thinks so. I bet when they want to buy it they wouldn't pay that for it. They would annex it and tax you afterwards. In don't live there and I hate even to drive thru it because of the crime and litter. I'd advise anyone wishing to live there and buy a house there to think elsewhere. They will tax you death and the criminals will steal the rest.


Wayne, I was born and raised in this area and it makes me sad and angry to see what these crooked politicians have done to this place I once called home, my husband bought a house for me here in Killeen Sept 2017 now I regret moving here, and now we are stuck here to be robbed by this corrupt city council who think they deserve pay. For what ? Raising the taxes, adding money to our water bill? For dictating what we can and can't do with OUR properties. You can have an unlimited amount of dogs, that bark constantly and cats that poop on the cars, and kill wild birds, and now a pet pig because you say it is a service animal but you cant have chickens, which are not as loud as dogs and chicken poop is good fertilizer for gardens. to provide for your family since eggs are outrageously expensive.

City councils all over the country have too much power and are arrogant power hungry a**Holes who want to steal money from citizens.

Taxation is the theft and taxation without representation goes against our Constitutional rights, Oh yeah I forgot the Constitution means nothing to these communists. The only people these corrupt city council people represent are themselves and the thugs that voted them in.

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