To the Editor:

I’d like to thank KDH reporter Lauren Dodd for her piece on KISD’s transportation issues.

I especially want to thank Mr. Daniel Bundrant for having the courage to speak his mind about his 10 years with the district.

Without his take on his many years as a KISD bus driver, my remarks could be viewed as just those of a disgruntled former employee.

While I didn’t leave on good terms with the district, to be fair, it wasn’t all bad.

At one point, I was going to use this forum to write a letter to help recruit more drivers for KISD.

Some of the good points? While the pay isn’t great, it’s not bad for this area.

For those who need to make more money, there’s the availability of extra routes and trips.

For those who don’t mind getting their hands a little dirty, there are jobs such as bus fluid checker, re-fueler and bus washer.

Any chance I got, I would thank these inviduals for looking after my bus. Others would say, “That’s their job!”

So what? You can’t thank people for doing their jobs? If KISD focused more on thanking employees than looking for things to complain about, they wouldn’t be in the situation they’re in.

I also want to thank the mechanics. They are without a doubt the hardest workers in Transportation.

Their 12-hour work day is divided between driving and working on buses. And when the rest of the district is off, they’re playing catch-up.

And let’s not forget the trainers. Almost all are retired Army NCOs with many years of experience teaching troops. They are awesome.

So, you see, there are some good things about being a bus driver.

The worst things about being a bus driver? No authority and almost no respect from anyone. Not from kids, parents, KISD Transportation and even school staff.

Not until KISD grows a spine and reminds parents just how far they go to hire and train drivers, will things get better.

Letting parents know that their child riding the bus is a privilege, not a right.

And if they’re not happy, they are free to make other arrangements. That KISD will not fire a driver without a very good reason.

Bill Paquette


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