To the Editor:

After my recent letter praising the courage of the past and current bus drivers for sharing their thoughts about problems with KISD Transportation, I get wind of this:

It seems that KISD didn’t appreciate one longtime driver’s comments. As a result of this, he was transferred to the other bus park. Not fired, but transferred, because being fired would be considered retaliation. And that’s against the law.

Well, call it what you like. It’s a punitive measure, meant to inconvenience the driver for exercising his right to free speech.

It’s petty. It’s vindictive. And It’s exactly what i’ve come to expect from KISD.

One of the things I like about living in a smaller city is that it’s harder to hide the truth. The KDH and its readers have shown time and again that they demand the truth and transparency.

Ever since reporter Lauren Dodd started writing about transportation issues, she’s been met with veiled threats, denied access and a general lack of cooperation from the district.

No answer is an answer, too. KISD thinks that by avoiding the issues, that this will just go away. Wrong you are.

As I stated in an earlier KDH article, my motivation is due to the horrible way that Mr. William “Bill” Jones was treated (after his accident last fall).

My statement about improper training in the two weeks before school started was backed up by a number of drivers.

KISD denied my claim. So why is it that right after Mr. Jones’ death, every driver was instructed to activate their caution lights, then their red loading lights as they departed the bus park?

This went on the entire month of September, twice a day. Checking these lights is part of every driver’s pre-trip and post-trip inspection.

This was done to undo the damage caused by improper training for two weeks. KISD realized they had screwed up big time.

Bill Paquette


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