To the Editor:

The governor of Texas has just signed a law that anyone can carry a gun in Texas.

One does not even get an inspection. Just put your gun or guns on and go.

Visitors, are you sure you want to spend some time in Texas? Is Texas really on your vacation list?

Maybe if no one comes and the Texas businesses start losing lots of money, common sense might come back in Texas.

Jim Denton


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Florida over 20 years ago started thier stand your ground laws. The state of Florida put up billboards along the interstates leading into the state that said " our citizens are armed". It didn't impact Florida's tourist business in the slightest, it actually increased.

Tourist felt safer, and locals also felt safer.

Texas is why people visit Texas. People come to Texas for the wild west feel, to see the old Texas towns, to buy cowboy boots and hats.

People come to Texas to see the Alamo, to see the wide open prairies, bright stars that shine into the Texas lakes. People visit Texas because it is Texas, the home of the largest steak 🥩 you could eat.

Guns are and will always be part of Texas history. Changing Texas to be like Portland, California, Chicago will be what destroys Texas amd many towns in Texas.

Embrace Texas, and bring back what brings people to Texas.


I really hope it keeps thousands and thousands of people from coming to Texas,...especially those from California, New York, Chicago, and the Northeast in general...


If you are such a trembling histrionic liberal snowflake, feel free to move to the blue state of your choice where the bill of rights is viewed as toilet paper.

Killeen patriot

This is such a nonsensical letter. People are flocking to Texas, because we are now a constitutional carry state. If anything, we will see great tremendous growth in our state. Do you think about what you are going to say before you write it?

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