To the Editor:

Once again we have an election in which a candidate almost won with much smaller vote totals.

The reason: The Electoral College was devised to help give smaller states a larger say in national elections, so states give their entire body of electoral votes to candidates with statewide wins. This is good, but not fair to individual voters.

How about selecting electors as we do representatives? That way, no state would designate all electors when one candidate has the most votes for the entire state. Instead, states could report split votes from the state.

That way individual districts would be represented even when the majority of the state goes another way.

To help even things out, each state could add two additional votes for overall state wins. Small states would receive the same additional votes as large ones. This would be similar to how senators are chosen.

We must do whatever is necessary to make each vote count.

Kenneth Godfrey

retired master sergeant

Harker Heights

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Noe Rodriguez

I agree, makes sense. In that way for example California, not all the state agrees with the same candidate. Some counties can vote with other electorate from other states.

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