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File photo Fort Hood’s Bernie Beck Gate, photographed Friday, Aug. 25, 2017, is located on T.J. Mills Boulevard in Killeen.

To the Editor:

In response to Military Editor David A. Bryant’s column headlined “Let locals pick the new name for Fort Hood” in the Sept. 15 Fort Hood Herald: Bryant’s request to get locals to pick the names of forts is a nice pipe dream, but local groups have already spoiled that idea.

LULAC, local flag officers and other politically connected groups and individuals have made their choices for many people, whether they agree with them or not.

I do not belong to any group or organization. I’m just a retired dogface soldier, and, yes, I do have a better recommendation for the renaming of Fort Hood: Audie Leon Murphy — a native Texan, a Medal of Honor recipient and a true American hero! His tie to Fort Hood: He trained soldiers with the 36th Infantry Division here at Fort Hood.

Two other renaming suggestions: Fort Bragg for Richard E. Cavazos, who commanded U.S. Army Forces Command, and Fort Benning for Roy P. Benavidez, who served with the Army’s Special Forces during the Vietnam War.

For more information about Audie Murphy, go to the Audie Murphy Memorial Website and the Fort Hood Sergeant Audie Murphy Club website.

Don Moore

Harker Heights

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Don Moore's suggestions makes sense. I just hope Fort Hood, and other forts, are not named after politicians or political activists. They all should be named after military heroes.


Audie Murphy is iconic to 3rd ID. Ft Stewart would be more appropriately be renamed after MAJ Murphy.

Fort Hood could be renamed after another Texan hero, MSG Roy P. Benavides.

P.S. Ft Benning should be renamed after SFC Alwyn C. Cashe.

Just sayin'.


Let's just leave it as it is as a remembrance of our history.


The only other country I know of trying to rewrite history is communist China.

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