To the Editor:

Though I am proud of my genealogy, none of that represents who I really am. We are not only of one ethnicty or racial background; we all are a variety of many: we are humans, as God created us.

Put aside your dislike of ethic or racial differences. Protest nothing; these differences don’t matter! Celebrate being of God’s creation, and do it with love of fellow humans.

Kenneth Godfrey

retired master sergeant

Harker Heights

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To me, it is not about color or ethnicity, it is about culture. I do not want my kids seeing, hearing, or doing some things that are associated with another culture. I don't want my kids using the B word, N word, talking about Hos, making weed a big part of their discusssion and life, or listening to certain kinds of music filled with obscenities..... I don't want them using any kind of vulgarities or being racist towards anyone, using racist language. ..I don't want my son wearing his pants down under his cheeks to be cool...

.I do not care about what color a person is...but, do I care about certain cultural differences, and their influences on my family and society? Yes, I do.

Noe Rodriguez

With that said, I would like to add also. We must not let our past keep us from continuing making progress and unity in our lives. God made us in his image and He wants us to all love each other. We must look forward and do what is right keep Gods teachings in our hearts. Happy Thanksgiving To All.

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