To the Editor:

After several letters to this paper, I was hopeful that people would realize the importance of social distancing and facial coverings. I went to a couple of businesses this week and observed differing concerns.

First, I went to the Fort Hood Post Exchange. I was pleasantly surprised to see that it is mandatory that shoppers wear masks to enter.

Hand sanitizer was provided and people were positioned in line, six feet apart, before entrance. They could only enter after attendants verified that the facility had no more than 25% capacity within.

Once inside, I noted Plexiglas at each counter and all employees were wearing masks. I left the facility feeling confident that I probably didn’t spread the virus and probably did not get it.

I went to a local grocery store and noted that sanitized baskets/carts were available, and wipes were made available for customers to use in the store or on their property when they left.

However, nobody directed customers at the entrance so I supposed that there are no capacity limits at that store.

Some employees wore masks, but I saw probably only 20% of customers wore a face covering.

Lines to checkout counters were marked about 6 feet apart and Plexiglas was installed,

However, customers bunched up throughout the store, much closer than 6 feet, I was often bumped by some of them.

When I left, I was grateful that I was wearing an N95 mask.

I visited a few drive-in fast food restaurants and was very happy with all of them. Employees that I saw all wore masks and made ever attempt to prevent touching me or my vehicle. I’ll eat more fast food.

My impression is that most think that the virus will attack somebody else, not themselves, so they continue to maintain a lackadaisical attitude.

Such an attitude will cause more people to get the virus, leading to more deaths.

And now, with more businesses opening up, I am pretty sure that customers will continue that attitude.

Don’t people realize that this is a historic event, not unlike previous disasters, and even wars?

Kenneth Godfrey

Harker Heights

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