To the Editor:

Every elected official should show the political courage that state Rep. Hugh Shine did at his May 16 legislative update in Harker Heights.


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We will have oppressive property taxes until we remove legislators who give lip service to reforming taxes, but never do and even lie about it. An example is our state senator, Pete Flores, who campaigned on "cutting property taxes" during a proceeding term in office. Lie. He did not vote to cut one dime of anybody's taxes, Instead he voted to decrease the rate of tax increase. Also we need to make tax assessor/collectors an elective office. They are presently unaccountable to no one and can - and do - endlessly plunder the wallets of taxpayers. We also need to require a supermajority vote to increase any taxes.


Most important point is that it does take 60% of an elective body to increase taxes.

Bad part is that too many - as you have noted - will mislead the public and say their tax rate decrease, often mandated by Tax Code, is a "tax cut" when they know full well that appreciating home values means the actual tax bill has increased.


I hope your editorial is shared with other news outlets as well. We do get a lot of lip service here around tax cuts/decreases and minimal action. Flores is not the only one. If only some were as passionate about taxes as they are about social issues.

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