To the Editor:

Masks do not stop the COVID-19

virus from entering your body. But, that is nor why we wear masks. We wear them to protect others from our oral excretions, which could contain the virus.

If everyone wore them, then the possibility of the virus spreading would be greatly reduced.

That is why medical professionals recommend even cloth masks, which have the advantage of allowing freer flow of air.

Any kind of mask would do the job.

If you want a more complete protection, you would need a mask that prevents infection at 95% or more.

A KN95 does that but reduces air flow. A N95 also does that, and air flow is increased.

However, these are usually reserved for first line and medical professionals, and thus, difficult to find.

Even if you have the better mask, you still need to protect your eyes and ears.

Bottom line, professionals know that individual protection is difficult so emphasis is on protection of others.

So, wear a mask!

Doing so will go a long way for the elimination of the virus, and sooner.

Kenneth Godfrey

retired master sergeant

Harker Heights

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Killeen patriot

Kenneth, as a registered respiratory therapist with over 20+ years experience, I can tell you letter is based on you having read or watched some new report about masking. The problem is 2 studies have been released in just the last 2 weeks that debunk your claim. #1 a study by waterloo university showed that cloth mask and 3 ply surgical mask only stop 10 - 12% of exhaled respiratory droplets, so this means that 90 - 88% of the virus containing droplet still flow unrestricted. #2 a study from last week showed that mask mandates and compliance had zero effect on transmission rates. The positivity rates in communities who strictly enforced masking was no different to communities who did not have mask mandates. So unless you have direct experience caring for COVID patients and a license to practice health care, you should probably keep your opinions to yourself.

Wayne Jefferson

Masks are hardly effective and if they worked we would have already contained this virus. If masks work we don't need six feet or a experimental vaccine. What about gloves too since we secrete fluids and get dirty by everything we touch. If the virus is on someone who touches a door handle and you touch it and put your mask not your steering wheel.youd have to literally sterilize every aspect of your day.might as well walk around with a big Lysol mask my choice

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