To the Editor:

The 2023 State of the Union speech was a positive review reflecting President Joe Biden’s first two years. In the words of Biden, “If your dream is to cut Social Security, then I’m your nightmare.”


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Wayne Jefferson

Let's not forget a traitor and a pervert. Our enemies know this and we are in a seriously weakend position in the world

Killeen patriot

The shocking fact is that there are people who live in Texas near me who actually believe what is in this letter. It amazes me how utterly deluded progressives can be.

Heights Teacher

The not so shocking fact is that there are people who live all over in Texas who actually believe the lies of a defeated megalomaniac/immoral/womanizing/misogynist and his neoconservative followers. It no longer surprises me how utterly deluded he and they are.


Biden told incoherent lie after lie. It is astonishing to me that anyone can be so deluded to believe the nonsense coming out of Biden's mouth. He is an absolute disaster.

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