To the Editor:

KDH Sunday 31 May headline: Protest over George Floyd planned for Killeen tonight.

I understand the outrage. I watched the video of one man inhumanely and arrogantly taking the life of another man on televised news coverage.

Other men nearby watched and did nothing to prevent this murder. Not knowing any of the circumstances surrounding the video, it still seemed abhorrent to me. We all should protest this horror!

The fact that it was a violent and despicable act of a policeman makes it worse. Where is the “protect and serve”?

This looks like judgment and execution. Officer Derek Chauvin of the Minneapolis Police Department took a human life and lost his own humanity in the process. Then we learned it was over an alleged counterfeit $20 bill.

No court in the land would sentence a man to death over 20 dollars. Officer Chauvin had the right to apprehend Mr. Floyd, issue him a citation, or take him into custody using the minimum force level necessary. Anything beyond that is criminal on Chauvin’s part!

Thankfully, the Killeen protest was peaceful last Monday. I believe KPD Chief Charles Kimble is a credible protestor. His presence at the Killeen rally was appropriate and reassuring. He spoke with power and dignity.

It was also important to see our state representative, Killeen’s mayor, and a Killeen city councilwoman attending as fellow participant talking with concerned citizens. Well done!

However, the protests that have been shown all over America look more like destruction, burning, and looting to me. Private property has been destroyed. Local businesses have been ruined. Protesters, bystanders, and police officers have been severely injured.

One man was shot and killed last Friday night in Oakland. Last night, a 77-year-old retired police chief was shot and killed in St Louis by looters.

This radicalism is anarchy, not protesting.

In several past letters I have stated that the solution to our many social problems can only be solved by our own behavior toward each other.

Our Bible tells us to love our neighbors as ourselves. That means all our neighbors. Not just the ones who look like us!

God’s Peace to the George Floyd family and our nation.

George Van Riper

Harker Heights

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