To the Editor:

A letter I submitted for Saturday edition suggested that people will not heed to the medical community’s admonishments for all to wear masks and other safeguards in an effort to protect themselves and others from COVID-19. Apparently, I was right, it seems that most will not do the right thing.

I shopped at H-E-B in Harker Heights this week and was pleasantly surprised to see employees wiping down baskets outside, hand sanitizer provided at the lone entrance (another surprise), and distance markers placed throughout the store. Hope was not lost after all, I thought. And then I looked at the people themselves. Only a few people wore masks and no employees (that I saw). Very disappointing.

Last week I shopped at both Walmarts in Harker Heights. Same problem? No. Walmart requires employees and now, customers to cover their faces. This is what you do to kill this enemy.

I firmly believe that people will not do the right thing unless coerced, and it appears that few are doing that. How can we beat this thing?

Kenneth Godfrey

Harker Heights

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