To the Editor:

Every time I read that some local government group wants to form a task force and conduct a study to find out why crime is rampant is our towns and cities, I want to pull my hair out.

Like Forest Gump “I am not a smart man.” However, in five seconds and at no charge, I can tell you it is the drugs and the thugs that are ruining our home and killing our children. We are doing little about it.

In fact, we are exacerbating the problem by vilifying our police, cutting their resources, tying their hands, and driving them out of a profession that we surely need.

I do not understand why we are letting this happen. I am beginning to think it is cowardice on our part. Why are the good people saying nothing? Are we afraid of the bullies with loud bullhorns, para-military clothing, and prepositioned bricks used to break store window or to throw at our police and soldiers?

We have dealt with homegrown bullies many times over in our country’s history. For example: The Jessie James Gang, The Dalton Gang, The Clanton Gang (better known as The Cowboys), Quantrill’s raiders, The Klu Klux Klan, The Chicago and New York crime family mobs, The Hells Angels, Bloods and Crips, and more locally The Branch Davidians.

Who got the tough job of bringing these rogue lawbreakers to justice? Our police and our soldiers. That is their job. They do the hard part of our government’s duty to protect law-abiding Americans.

I am not sure why we are even discussing defunding our police and cutting our military’s strength. Who would perform their roles in our free society? There is no other organization so trained, equipped and legally obligated to take the drugs and thugs off our streets. If you think you can appease a bully, you are wrong.

Consider the body count in Bell County in 2021. It is not going down. Chicago, New York, Minneapolis, and LA are becoming the killing fields of Vietnam, Bosnia, and Afghanistan here on our doorstep.

The real horror of all this violence in American is that many of the dead and wounded are our children. Our police and soldiers are their last line of defense, and we are letting them down.

George Van Riper

Harker Heights

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