To the Editor:

Do you think that this election about President Donald Trump and ex-VP Joe Biden challenging for the presidency?

Nope. It is about the direction our country is going.

We can choose to validate the current state and opt for continuation or opt for change. No doubt, the change will be extreme, maybe good, maybe bad. The way our country is governed is at stake.

So what do we do about it? We research the agendas of candidates; that is what the election is about: agenda. It is not about individuals.

If you don’t like the candidate but favor the agenda, you must vote the agenda. If you like the candidate but disagree with the agenda, you must vote against that person.

Put aside your thoughts about the quality and ever mores of a candidate, as hard as that might be.

Upon investigation, you will find negative information about all candidates; none are squeaky clean.

Agendas represent the direction political organizations want to take us; candidates are for the most part, their pawns.

Vote as if the country’s existence is at stake.

Kenneth Godfrey

Harker Heights

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