To the Editor:

I’m watching my dog sleep, and wondering about what she’s dreaming about. She makes motions of running, barking and other body movements.

Clearly there is something in that brain that is thinking and observing.

If she is but a living creature without a soul or being, then why is she doing those things? Why does she show affection, that is real, whenever I hurt or come back home, or respond to her in any way. Is it a mechanical thing?

What is it? What is she? What kind of life do they have? Do animals have souls; are they beings of a similar order as humans? I ask this about all animals that God created.

Maybe animals are just creatures without souls and their behavior, though similar to ours, are merely trained responses to repeated activity.

Whatever the case, and we will never know, we must treat them with respect and appreciation. Especially for those that work for us, are a part of our food requirement, and those that are creatures of comfort to us.

While animals live, we have an obligation to treat them as living things of a high order. After all, God created them and us similarly in many respects. They all deserve our love.

Kenneth Godfrey

Harker Heights

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