To the Editor:

Last Tuesday’s (Feb. 25) editorial titled “Intelligence post filled on basis of loyalty,” in my opinion, only told one side of the “loyalty” story of President Trump’s personnel management practices.

Loyalty is a mandatory entry on most efficiency reports or performance appraisals I have seen. In fact, loyalty and truthfulness seemed to be co-equals. A negative comment in either block would determine your future career or employment.

Loyalty is a two-way street. Who wants a disloyal employee or a disloyal boss? Look at the first few months of President Trump’s administration. Remember he was a political newcomer and quite naïve. He accepted the advice of powerful tenured senators, congressmen, and advisors regarding staff and department leadership appointments. As it turns out, many of these “advisors” did not have President Trump’s successful presidency on their minds, but rather his presidential demise. They were disloyal to our president and our nation!

The seven most devastating early choices in my mind were Attorney General (Sen.) Jeff Sessions, White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon, Director of National Intelligence Daniel Coats, Secretary of Defense retired Gen. Jim Mattis, Chief of Staff retired Gen. John Kelly, National Security Advisor retired Gen. Michael Flynn, and FBI Director James Comey. It turns out that all these men had placed their own agenda ahead of President Trump’s agenda. They were all involved in something illegal or conflicted, and disliked their boss and his policies. Remember these presidential “resisters” were aided by a complicit media that hates President Trump.

Now ask yourself, “Does resistance groupthink sound like loyalty to you?”

The editorial mentions President Trump’s recent selection of “Richard Grenell as acting director of national intelligence. Grenell currently serves as ambassador to Germany, is manifestly unqualified for the job. He has no experience in intelligence or in managing large organizations — like the 17 agencies that will now report to him.”

However, Grenell is relatively young, smart, and loyal to the president he serves.

Yes, Grenell may bumble and stumble around at first. I believe he will get the job done. In my perspective I would rather have Mr. Grenell working for me than someone I could not trust. Wouldn’t you?

Yesterday, Feb. 29, the KDH headline page 4 “Trump again picks Texas Rep. John Ratcliffe for intelligence chief.” This article is a reprint from the Dallas Morning News.

The writer described Ratcliffe’s loyalty to President Trump, and claims Ratcliffe’s critics have already “cast Ratcliffe as a partisan hack who’s unqualified to be Director of National Intelligence.”

Considering all the lies and plots directed against President Trump the last three years, choosing an acting Director of National Intelligence based on loyalty should not be objectionable or a surprise to anyone!

George Van Riper

Harker Heights

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