To the Editor:

Why do Texas voters keep voting for politicians who do not care about them? I see current state and legislative branches that seem their only focus is making political calculations that are best for their election futures. From local to state, elected officials are out of touch with constituents who are non-White, non-business, non-religious and non-conspiracy believers.

Our own state representative, Brad Buckley, has worked diligently to align himself with the Special Session rubber stamping of a state that criminalizes and penalizes its own citizens (namely SB 8). Mr. Buckley announced on Facebook, “Texas is the greatest state in the nation.”

My question is ... what state is he in? Is it the state of his and his Republican colleagues’ minds? The hypocrisy of our state government shows it as anything BUT great when, sadly, it could be.

I wouldn’t think that a “greatest state” would have an attorney general whose only focus seems to conjure up lawsuits against all entities that he does not agree with.

This is an AG who has been under criminal indictment for Securities Fraud, and still is elected to the office that oversees the legal interests and protections for the entire state.

We have a state that sues its own school districts for abiding by local decisions in the form of health protections/recommendations for the greater population of their students and staff employees.

I wouldn’t think that a “greatest state” would have elected a governor who is fine with authorizing vigilante citizens to target women for their own health decisions, and then offer a $10K bounty for those who may have assisted. A “greatest state” where all rapists will be arrested and off the streets of Texas, because the governor declared it.

I don’t see a “greatest state” where voting is being restricted because there might be voter fraud, when none to speak of was found to exist. A “greatest state” where money flows freely in $11 million that will be spent on border walling, yet will regulations, and an appointed PUC, keep the power on for Texans in future climate extremes?

Perhaps this will all be resolved and the “greatest state” will prevail, as such, because more people have more freedom to carry guns ... without permit and without training. Yee-Haw!

Nancy Pfiester

Harker Heights

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If you are so unhappy with Texas, there is plenty of room for you in California, since people are leaving there by the thousands, coming to Texas. A liberal bastion like that state might fit you perfectly....I do agree with you on one issue..the school masking issue, but that is the only issue I agree with you on....There still are people who believe abortion is so very wrong. I do believe that a woman has the right to choose...she has the right to choose not to get pregnant if she doesn't want a baby. It is very, very easy to keep from getting pregnant with all the contraceptives in today's world, so let's stop concentrating on killing babies. .....As far as voting fraud, I personally know of several people who received multiple mail in votes...don't you think that could raise a red flag or two about the possibility of voting "irregularities" ??...and...What's the big deal about having to have an ID to vote? Racist? If that is racist it seems as if liberals are really the racists, saying that policy is "racist". Aren't they belittleing minorities by saying that?.....The border issues? Did you read how many Haitians were released into Texas? If the federal government is not going to stem the ever growing tide of illegals coming into Texas, I'm glad our state government is. Of course, from the tone of your letter, I am sure you think ultra lib, Biden does no wrong. ..The gun issue? I don't think it is going to have nearly the impact that knee jerk liberals believe it will have. I am personally glad that I can carry a gun, in today"s crime infested society......Finally, I I know Dr..Buckley, and I know him to be a very good man that has the values of most Texans at heart. I am very glad we have him to represent us. ....You need to know that most real Texans have very, very different values than you do, apparently..... Don't forget about California...or maybe New York ?? You might really enjoy those two states.


Poor widdle snowflake. Brad Buckley happens to be an excellent representative and will continue to have my vote. You seem to be whining because so many people do not support the treasonous trash and stupidity we hear as policy proposals from democrats.


Well, well, well... treasonous little brown shirts do tend to band together don't they Mr. Baker?


You know nothing about me. Actually, you know nothing

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