To the Editor:

Is space the final frontier, using science to discover and define? Can we trust scientific thought to define and explain?

We cannot explain gravity, electricity, molecule bonding, and most forces and principles touted by science. We know how to use them but do not know exactly what and where they came from.

The final frontier is the understanding of natural, unexplainable phenomena, even those that we use daily.

We must use science as a tool, and not the final answer, to questions of life as well. According to science, life is nothing more than activity caused by chemical bonding.

That is probably why there is such a lackadaisical attitude about abortion.

Is the ‘thing’ within the woman a living thing are a mass of cells and energy that will eventually emerge as one?

Here science would say that that creature is a human being based upon the criteria defining life.

We must assume that fetuses are living creatures, even human beings, though not complete.

We must give them more credence for life. Science demands it.

Kenneth Godfrey

Harker Heights

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Richard North

On one hand you seem to be saying we should should not trust science to classify a embryo as a human beings because science is ignorant of where the energy came from, then later go on to say science does classify a embryo as a human being. Humanity has in the past replaced superstition with the scientific method as a better way of learning about and explaining our world. Science has nothing to say in matters of philosophy and religion. But I will say eventually humans will be cloned and the moral concept of whether or not a clone is a human being and afforded the same considerations as a human will come up. And it will be my guess religious wonks will change their mind on what composes a human being. That again is a religious philosophical matter.

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