To the Editor:

There is a movement to designate Washington, D.C., as a state, our 51st. There are over 700,000 citizens in the D..C area who don’t get full representation in the Senate, and there is inadequate governing of local concerns.

The District of Columbia was so designated as a place for our government to reside, in a politically neutral location.

As such, no single-sided politics could thrive and affect policies of the entire nation.

If it is designated as a state, then the citizens would elect two senators, with the voting strength of large states, for an area smaller than many large cities and even Rhode Island.

However, it has a population greater than some states and the need for fair representation continues.

A fair way to provide that representation would be to incorporate the non-governmental areas of the D.C. area into an adjoining state, either Virginia or Maryland. As it is now, a large population of D.C. government workers and officials live in those states already.

The politics they represent is already there and those of current D.C. citizens would simply add and balance representation within those states.

Doing this would give citizens fair representation and not burden the country with another single-party state.

Kenneth Godfrey

retired master sergeant

Harker Heights

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It has begun. Yesterday it was announced that 150,000 illegal immigrant "teenagers" were brought into Texas at selected "processing" sites,beginning with San Antonio. Just the beginning of an influx many thousands of illegals, many into Texas, as a result of Democratic poicies and an overall plan.


The leftist, liberal Democrats would never go for this idea. They are determined to give Washington D.C., with it's liberal, minority vote, two Senators, along with the electoral votes. If this happens, along with the influx of immigrants that is likely to happen with the Democrats, and the lack of voting requirements the Democrats are seeking, some of which are absolutely ridiculous, may guarantee that we have seen our last true two party election in the foreseeable future.

It seems as if the midterm elections for Congress are the only chance for conservatives to retain any sense of balance of power and common sense.

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