To the Editor:

I hope that everybody gets off the podium of hate against anybody not like themselves.

Folks that have sexual tendencies different than the norm need to be left alone: Such is between them and God; it is not for us to judge.

I have personal opinions about homosexuality; those thoughts remain within myself. I do have friends who live that life and I leave them to their life choices, keeping them as good friends.

My only (and most important) personal plea to everybody: I pray and hope that all seriously consider the condition of their souls.

God gave us a way for glorious eternity, through the gift of His Son, Jesus. The choice of rejection will cause rejection by God. Please take heed!

Kenneth Godfrey

retired master sergeant

Harker Heights

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Maybe this guy is right. Maybe we should just all accept all kinds of deviant sexual behaviors. Maybe our children should be raised that everything concerning sexuality is ok, that if it feels good, and you want to do it, just do it. Abnormal is now normal, so, it's fine.

Pedophiles, exhibitionists, homosexuals, trannies,'s all good. Just accept everyone for their feelings, their desires. But, you say, some of those things affect other people. Do you not think homosexuals and transgenders, and their behaviors, don't?..

It's amazing that this man refers to God. Has he not read the Bible and what it says about sexual behaviors? Evidently, he hasn't.


Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness sake for theirs is the kingdom of heaven

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