Heights reader warns about problems inherent in socialism

To the Editor:

Many think that programs such as Social Security and Medicare are socialist programs.

True socialism requires complete control of government finances and delivery of services to citizens.

The money needed to pay for it is obtained trough taxation, and in many cases, confiscation of property. All citizens are supposed to receive identical services, regardless of social or political status.

Since the government controls funding for services, it also controls composition of those services.

Some services receive priority, depending on the political agenda of the government.

For example, if the government desires population control, it might fund abortion services in the guise of women’s health, as happens in China. If a government program needs funds, it would funnel more funds to that program and reduce funding to others.

All social programs are controlled and financed (or not) by the government.

In our country, funds for retirement and senior health services are obtained through separate taxation, much like investments.

Since ours is a capitalistic country, these monies are obtained specifically for the stated purpose of senior needs, and only for those needs.

For years funds have been directly elsewhere and the ‘bank’ is shrinking.

Is socialism the answer? Not if you want the most important issues for seniors protected.

A socialist government will freely direct funds elsewhere.

Sadly, there is a growing political agenda to make our country socialist, as mentioned, something already seen regarding fiscal issues.

Do you want socialism or capitalism when you vote this year?

Kenneth Godfrey

Harker Heights

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